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MOT testing stations are required to normally abide by VOSA MOT retest policies.

MOT re-test rules are relatively baffling and very monotonous. Let's set the landscape for you in regards to when you can and cannot have a FREE re-test.

First off, the primary rule would be that after your vehicle or light van has failed its MOT, the critical time-frame for the completion of any repair and any pursuing re-test is exactly 10 working days subsequent to the original test date. This applies as long as your family car has been repaired and accordingly booked in to acquire a re-test ahead of the end of 10 working days. If all of the above is true, in that case the computerised MOT software program that all MOT test centres use should, at that point, make it possible for us to register the vehicle and perform the re-test.

Accordingly it therefore follows that the subsequent procedure is that within the MOT re-test it's quite often a fact that certain items can be re-tested fairly quickly nevertheless in contrast many issues mandate more deliberated examination.

For illustration;

  • If for example the vehicle or light van fails on 1 tyre; then a changed tyre is not hard to find and a "fast track" MOT test can be accomplished, this probably would take just a jiffy for the MOT tester to do and therefore definitely would not attract a re-test charge.
  • Or a second case study: Let's say your vehicle fails its MOT examination on headlamp aims, emissions, and braking systems; in cases like this the family car has got to be enrolled with your local Aintree VOSA MOT test station to acquire a partial re-test and brought into the MOT test bay, and then the emissions evaluation must be performed, a lighter involved over-all check executed plus an entire braking mechanism analysis carried out. This work as a general rule will take extra quantities of the MOT testers time, and that is why this would generally attract a re-test cost.

And so even though we, and pretty much every MOT garage, markets and promises FREE tests it's really, mainly, dependant on when the family car is made available for its MOT assessment in Aintree and consequently what precisely your car failed the MOT on.

SIGNIFICANTLY - in case your vehicle failed the MOT check with us here in Aintree VOSA MOT testing station and it is afterwards fixed by us, then following that we are able to invariably undertake ones retest FREE (i.e. at zero cost to you), this really is our thanks to you for preferring to make full use of our Aintree VOSA MOT garage workshops.

If you would like any further clarification, then right here is number of the cost free retest items (if your family car failed its MOT upon these types of issues then a fast track retest could very well be undertaken).

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